Monday, December 22, 2008

More and more pictures


I laughed SO hard...these are bloomers from a dress of hers

Another picture of the bloomers on her head

He's actually awake!

She likes to play with him

Putting bows on Uncle Boom Boom

She's gotten the hang of unwrapping presents

Christmas in Diamond

She wasn't really into taking this picture

So alert

Too tired to keep his pacifier in

We did our Christmas early

Trying to take a picture of them together

Such a sweetie

Spending time with Mama

Spending time with Daddy

Yeah...this is how our nights go!

Just posting some more pictures

Up to something...

Oh, Phoebe LOVED this ;-)

Bright lights!!!

Cutie pie


Sleepin' as usual

Beautiful girl!

So sweet

Tummy time!

Those are glasses for her Mr. Potato Head...a bit small

First few days!

First bath!

It's of course he's sleeping! lol...days and nights are mixed up

She wanted to hold him SO bad!


He's already grown a lot since this picture!

On the car ride home...I love how she uses his carseat as a foot rest...

Handsome boy!

First picture with Nevaeh

Brand new!